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E-ONE HP 100 Platform

E-ONE HP 100 Platform
Manufacturer: E-ONE

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E-ONE HP 100 Platform

What if you could go farther and wider without moving an inch?

The advanced E-ONE HP 100 Platform gives you the ability to do just that.  With a narrow 15' 6" jack spread, the apparatus requires less space for side-to-side setup than a 75' ladder while providing platform performance. An all-new variable speed control system elevates and rotates quicker based on platform position to deliver impeccable control.

The new E-ONE HP 100 Platform is the apparatus your fleet needs to maneuver through congested streets, setup quickly in tight spaces, and handle both rescue and firefighting duties with ease. 



  • Platform rated for 1000-lbs. of personnel plus 305-lbs. of equipment without water flowing. Perimeter step with angled front corners delivers easier access to structures. A 1250-GPM monitor is standard, dual monitors are optional.


  • 3/16" Aluminum plate welded over
    the extruded-aluminum structural frame
    exceeds the requirements of regulation
    #ECE-29 for occupant protection.

Pump Operator’s Panel

  • Ergonomic layout and color-coded pump panel tags create an efficient means to control pumping operations. The side-out pump opperator's platform features ball bearing-free slides for long life in harsh elements.


  • Crisscross under-slung
    outriggers can be deployed in less than 45 seconds. And with only a 15' 6" spread, the unit requires even less side-to-side room to setup than a 75' ladder.


  • Three-section aluminum aerial provides a
    100' vertical reach and 91' 6" horizontal reach. Ladder has a 2.5 to 1 structural safety factor, which exceeds the minimum NFPA requirement of 2 to 1.

Travel Height

  • Low 11' 10" overall travel height with standard cab.

Ground Ladders

  • Enclosed rear tunnel allows for storage of up to 182' of ground ladders.

Fire Fighting Package

  • Up to 2000-GPM pump with a 300-gallon water tank. Multiple handline and discharge options as well as Class-A foam systems are available.