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Nozzles, Hoses, Reels & Couplings

Nozzles, Hoses, Reels and Couplings  :

The fire service uses a wide variety of nozzles in the application of water, dry chemical, foam and other extinguishing agents at the scene of an emergency. The two major categories would be the smooth bore nozzle and what is commonly referred to as the fog nozzle which includes automatic and combination nozzles. Specialized nozzles for the application of foam and other fire suppression product are becoming more and more standardized equipment. Fire hose comes in a wide variety of configurations all designed to reduce weight and improve friction loss. Fire hose can be cotton jacketed or synthetically covered. Hose comes in a wide variety of diameters most commonly for structural firefighting is inch and three-quarter, and two and a half inch attack lines. Supply lines are generally 5 to 4 inches. Couplings and specialized settings to aid firefighters in the rapid deployment of these hoses come in a wide variety.

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