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Technical Rescue & Confined Space

Rescue, Collapse, Confined Space, Technical Rescue

A wide variety of equipment is designed to be used in the rescue of persons in uncommon locations.
Fire service routinely rescues persons from scaffolding collapses with the use of high angle rope equipment designed to support more than one climber are needed. Collapse rescue responses require specialized shoring and support equipment for collapse situations which include hydraulic and pneumatic shoring devices.
Confined space equipment includes highly sophisticated listening equipment and highly mobile and sophisticated camera equipment to provide reconnaissance and support of firefighters entering those environments.

Technical Rescue includes a tremendous variety of equipment including ice climbing and cold temperature clothing for both water and exposure. Technical Rescue also includes trench, mountain rescue, swift water rescue, specialized diving equipment for the rescue and body recovery activities required by firefighting dive teams. As well as normal aquatic rescue performed on lakes, rivers and sea shores, this includes flotation devices, throw devices and wetsuits.



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Zistos has combined two extremely complementary video camera technologies (thermal imaging and high resolution video) in a single, ultra slim, modular camera head that attaches to any of their extension poles.
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Posted: 6/1/2013 12:00:00 AM
The ExplorerSCOPE™ from Zistos is the new benchmark in collapse rescue / victim location technology for the technical search specialist.
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The AMKUS 240SS Super Simo Power Unit offers a new level of performance.
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